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Vintage Replication

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Exterior Lighting Reproductions

Red Brass Exterior Lighting Reproductions

Here are worthy architectural light fixtures. They're handcrafted in red brass and will never rust or corrode away!

Some of the most difficult to find original lighting fixtures are those specially designed for use outdoors. If you've searched Internet auctions and lighting dealers you understand that not many vintage fixtures survived the wrecking ball.

Home restorers, architects and designers plea for us to search for and stock them. Demand is so great that in this one instance we've altered our steadfast position to offer none but vintage original. Yes, your sharp eye detects something. These seem too perfect to be vintage fixtures.

We examined some of the most stylish and elegant period cast iron fixtures. We showed these to designer and architect friends who specialize in commercial building rehabilitation.


"Would these historically accurate replications find a place in commercial and home restoration for late Victorian/Eastlake, Arts and Crafts or the American Bungalow tradition?" we asked. Their enthusiasm encouraged us to proceed.

What you see is the result of years of preparation. Here are better-than-the-original thick-wall red brass castings, replete with all brass fasteners to ensure durability and minimize city air corrosion.


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